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Digital Agencies

Having worked both agency and client side I know the needs and demands from both sides.

Whether your agency needs an extra pair of hands pulling research and insights together for a pitch, help on specific channel strategies or an external view to help you with your own promotion or positioning, I can help.

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b2b companies

Wondering how to grow your business and hit revenue targets? Or launch new products or services?

Whether you're an established B2B business or start-up, I can help you understand your customers, define your marketing strategy and implement a marketing plan to hit targets.

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She sees things differently than other people, and this means she comes up with new solutions. She's a great networker and knows how to get in with the right people. A proper digital native, she's a great communicator and community builder both online and offline - as a natural. Supremely confident, Katie is ahead of her time and has built up a her reputation and skills to a very high level. One to watch, I expect to be reading about her in Time magazine at some point - and for all the right reasons.

David Edmundson-Bird

Associate Director for Digital Innovation


Katie Kelly set up Subject Consulting in 2016 after leaving her role as Operations Director at Manchester-based CRO agency, PRWD, where she helped to grow the business from 2 to 15 employees with YOY growth.

Katie has over eight years experience in strategic marketing, helping to position brands and grow businesses. As well as B2B agencies and start-ups, Katie has worked with household brands such as Jack Daniels, Durex, Matalan, & Benefit Cosmetics.

Katie continues to feature in the likes of Yahoo! Finance, Guardian and BBC Radio One and writes for alongside consulting.


  • Took over the sales function for two months, created new sales material, challenged briefs/requirements based on clients objectives, and pitched, negotiated contracts, and won a global digital transformation contract. The initial six-figure contract is for the UK territory alone. An additional deal also later signed off at £132k.
  • Repositioned a UX agency changing their revenue stream to retainers and delivering YOY growth. The marketing strategy lead to new clients such as Wilko, Skyscanner and GamesWorkshop.
  • Created a company-wide social media policy and managed the social media and PR through an Office of Fair Trading investigation. Working on both internal and external communications and processes to correct issues and restore faith in the brand.
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Katie is brilliant. Katie is awesome. Katie is quite simply an incredible person to work with. She is dedicated, passionate, detail-oriented and extremely hard-working. The value she adds is immense and is easily one of the most talented marketing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

David Levine

CEO of DigitalBridge

"Work with honest, passionate people on exciting, meaningful businesses to make them more successful. ​"

- Katie Kelly

B2B Marketing Consultant

My approach to work centres around my values; having integrity, being honest and genuine, and making things happen; whether it getting results or showing you a new strategic perspective for your business to grow.

I work remotely. It keeps my costs low and creativity high. I work a range of hours and time zones to meet my client's needs.

Marketing Strategy Services

To achieve commercial objectives, I conduct research to understand your customers and marketplace. Answering questions such as what's your current position in the market, what is your customer's perception of your brand and what resonates with them.

Using the research, I create an informed, commercial marketing strategy and actionable marketing plans with campaign concepts. I can help you implement and project manage the plans. Delivering results based on your commercial and business objectives.

Read the case study to find out how I delivered 782% ROI with a thought leadership strategy for a digital agency.

Katie has brought to our business a new, valuable dimension of being able to not only fully understand the commercial importance of usability, but to then be able to develop our brand and marketing strategy to differentiate us from our competitors. This focused on both short-term brand communications as well as achieving long-term commercial objectives against ambitious plans for growth.

Paul Rouke


Research & Insights Services

Conducting qualitative research to gain customer insight and secondary research creates a picture of the market and future trends highlighting commercial opportunities. Combine this with an understanding of consumer behaviour and branding; the outcome is valuable insights drawn from data, research and expertise.

These insights can help inform the creative direction or marketing strategy, inform brand position or business strategy to meet commercial objectives and gauge the appetite and feasibility for new businesses, products or services. This service identifies strategic opportunities considering areas such as product & service suite, innovation, pricing, delivery or commercial deals & partnerships. Helping your business grow commercially and operationally.

Read the case study to find out how I repositioned a UX agency, changing their revenue stream to retainers.

Katie worked extensively on one of my primary accounts, SSL, and also contributed to client work for The Car People and Berghaus as well as numerous pitch work. With clients, she was great, able to present her work with confidence and able to answer questions with ease. In her research, she shows real knowledge of social media and great insight into how and why people engage with brands in this arena.

Alex Comyn

Account Director at Code Computerlove

17 Reasons to Hire Katie Kelly to Grow Your Business

By CEO of PRWD, Paul Rouke

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